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To provide a professional opinion of the “as is” condition of the Subject Property, at the time of inspection, based on the definitions and guidelines set forth in this report, Industry Standards of Practice, and by the Professional Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics of InterNACHI.


A visual examination and written report of the items listed in this report according to the described guidelines and definitions set forth. The reporting of apparent defects requiring corrective action is limited to: Structure, Unsafe or Hazardous Conditions, and Inoperative Systems or Built-in appliances.


Structure is considered to be any load-bearing member of a building including, but not limited to, foundation walls, posts, columns, beams, floor joists, bearing walls and visible roof framing. A structural member is considered defective if one or more of these characteristics are noted: abnormal cracking or splitting, unusual settlement or bowing, any deterioration such as rot, mold, fungus or pest infestation damage, misalignment or structural integrity, compromises due to modification, remodeling, additions or abuse, and any other characteristics which may effect the building’s structural integrity.

Unsafe or hazardous conditions

Any item identified as a safety defect, shortcoming or hazard, the existence or absence of which would be or may be a matter of safety or well-being based on current custom and practice in the area. Environmental issues such as, but not limited to, determination of presence or testing for levels of Radon, asbestos, lead, septic and well or spring water quality are generally excluded but such testing may be arranged on an individual basis and fee. However, should an item arouse suspicion on the part of the inspector, it will be noted. It is suggested and advised the client may wish to refer such environmental issues to an expert in that particular field, particularly if the inspector so comments in the report.

Inoperative systems and appliances

Any installed systems or built-in appliances that do not operate properly or perform their intended function in response to normal use will be noted. “Portable” items, which are normally not included in the transfer of ownership, are not inspected. If utilities are off, precluding operation of a device(s), note of this will be made. Likewise, seasonal conditions may not allow operation of heating, ventilating, or air conditioning systems.


This inspection report is a tool to be used as an aid by the Client in making an informed decision in the transaction of the inspected property. Please be aware that not all negative points indicate a need for correction, but rather are noted to make the client aware of a situation. An example of this may be a note
indicating an insufficient number of electrical outlets in a room. The number of outlets may have been fine at the time the structure was built, but by current standards the number is insufficient.
Items of concern should be discussed with the Inspector. There may exist some points that you, as the Client, may wish to refer to a specialist in a particular field, particularly if the inspector suggests you do so. This inspection report is based on the professional opinion of our inspectors and is carried out according to the Standards of the Industry and to the Code of Ethics of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. It is only intended to offer a description of visible conditions at the time of inspection. Every reasonable effort will be made to identify said conditions.
Please be aware this inspection does not address inaccessible areas or disguised conditions. It is non- invasive in its methods. Equipment and structural items are not disassembled or moved. A location with less than 36 inches of headroom at the entry or any area within is not physically explored. Our inspectors are not required to risk life or limb in performing any inspection.
This report does not offer any warranty for any part of the inspection. It is suggested the Client procure a Home Warranty if the Client deems it necessary. The Company does offer due diligence in the execution of the inspection.
It is understood any conflict resulting from this transaction or the information contained within will be handled through mediation of InterNACHI, the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, rather than the courts and the extent of the liability of the Company and the Inspector(s) will be limited to the cost of the report and inspection. That is to say, the sole recourse is limited to the inspection fee. This will be considered binding arbitration and the decision will be final and binding on the Client and the Inspection Company.
The Client agrees that use of this report and information gathered during the Inspection is solely for use of the Client, any specialist the Client calls in or requests that the Inspector or the Company call in, and the Client’s financing source or Client’s Attorney. This report is not intended for use of any other individual or institution without signed release of both the Client and the Company. The Company will provide needed copies of this report upon payment to the Company at $45.00 per copy.
In the event the Company should be required to render a deposition or act as witness in a trial arising from or about this report and information contained within, the Client will be billed at a rate of $175 per hour, with a two hour minimum, plus preparatory time and expenses, portal to portal.

$395.00 Minimum for up to two hours on site (an inspection of a typical 3-4 bedroom, 2 bathroom residence requires between 2 and 3 hours).
$20 each additional quarter hour.
If you wish to have ASKUS Consulting Services LLC provide or co-ordinate any specialized service or testing, you will be billed based on the fee of that individual, service, or laboratory.